The right team, the right skills and a proven process

Whatever challenges your business has, we can solve them with a combination of powerful tech solutions. From the smallest startup to the largest multi-national corporation, we help you build your business’ dreams from the ground up. 

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We are custom software development company.

9 out of 10 products we create with our Partners succeed.

Partner with experienced tech experts who care about the outcome of each project and create marketable digital products perfectly tailored for your business needs.

What do we do exactly?

All you need in one place, supported by excellent product management.

Web & Mobile Development

We create MVPs for startups and develop complex, enterprise-level platforms with Java, JavaScript, Go, PHP, Swift, and other languages, as well as 100+ frameworks.

AI solutions

Identify AI opportunities and use them to build resilience and business results. HotNerds will develop a competitive AI-based solution that meets your company’s requirements and covers your business needs.

Cloud & DevOps

We use cloud platforms for continuous product development, testing, and deployment. Our team integrates cloud storage into the development process and scaling of ready solutions.

IT Consulting & Management

We guide our Partners through the industry best practices and share our business development expertise. Our team focuses on delivering value to the end customer and ensuring investment returns for business owners.

We provide AI solutions

An impressive 83% of companies are making it a priority to include AI in their strategies. Implementing artificial intelligence in product development is becoming a norm.

Who we help

We have a comprehensive technological expertise that spans across a number of industries. We develop bespoke software for our partners in healthcare, logistics management, education, e-commerce, real estate, marketing and many more.


Custom software solutions, MVPs, technical expertise and more.


Healthcare analytics platforms, patient monitoring systems and more.


User-friendly online shopping platforms, inventory management systems and more.


Secure online banking platforms, mobile payment apps and more.